The Round Table Release Process©
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to Release Resistance and Unify Parts

(Strongly suggested as pre-requisite to The Course: Love YourSelf Unconditionally)

Knights-of-the-RoundtableWikiCommonsReunite with long lost parts of value

Rekindle love and compassion for yourself

Reveal/heal parts that thwart your dreams keeping you small

Release yourself to allow in and receive your All Your Good

Round Table Process Description: 

There are many personas that make up all that you experience as you. Sometimes referred to as your ‘inner child’, it is much more comprehensive than you ever imagined.

Collectively they are your ‘human ego mind’. They were all created by you in order to play the Game of 3rd Dimension Separation from Source. In other words, they made lots of decisions based on lack, loss, scarcity and fear just to keep you safe. They served you well.

But now we’re all playing a NEW GAME! The New Game is The Game of Oneness, Unity, Awakening. So as you are reach for More of anything Good in your life – a wondrous relationship, a new career, better health, more abundance, creativity, inspired ideas, these parts come between you and your best life, because they are still operating in their ‘now’ reality – still playing the old Game of Separation.

What’s required is that you listen to them, love them, and update them with the new software based on Love not fear; Oneness, not separation. When you do, they transform and release to You the gifts of wisdom and knowledge from their explorations into fear and lack.

So in the spirit of ‘No Man Left Behind”, it’s time to gather Home all your Soul’s parts. Reunite the Family of You. This is what you’ve been missing. The Unified Family of You, No Parts missing! Learn how to access these parts and reunify them.

Release What Holds You Back with Love and Compassion

Remove the Filters that distort your view of life

ReUnify All Your selves into Oneness

Restore Your Natural Well Being and Balance

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