Gifting is…

Mutual Thriving inspired by
“Sacred Economics”
by Charles Eisenstein
and my own inspirations…

• Applied Spirituality is incorporating/blending a fee-based services and products model with a gifted services/products model.
• I regard what I offer as invaluable, so the only honorable way to offer it is as a gift to everyone freely.
•I coach, channel, work with energy, write, teach and do public speaking because it is simply my great joy and heart’s desire to do so. It is the Gift…of Who I AM.
• As you find Value in my gifts, I deeply appreciate that you are inspired to return with a gift, based upon your realization of value and heart-felt feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the gifts given from Who I AM.

• It just feels better – friendlier, truer and more congruent with who we all really are!
• You determine the value of my services to you – and honor it in your own perfect way.
• People who have been unable to afford my services in the past now have full access.
No one will be turned away because of financial challenges.
• Gifting honors the co-creative element of every human interaction and connection.
• More people will be practicing and benefiting from the life-changing processes, exercises,
and information that I offer.

• We are unlimited in our ways and means of engaging in mutual gifting.
Money is wonderful as a means of sharing gifts! However, so are skills, talents, services and useful goods.
• Gifting shifts us all into a greater awareness of Value and the means of the expression of appreciation.
• It’s lots more fun to give and receive freely, openly, honestly.
• It levels the playing field. We all have unique and powerful gifts to share with one another.
• Bookkeeping is so much simpler! I’ll still pay taxes on gifts received, but no more billing!


  • I suggest a dollar value as a reference point. Dollars can also be a gift as well. As we all become more at ease with gifting, some will naturally chose dollars, others will choose what feels is their gift. We are all working out a new way of being in this physical world.
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