Wondering how and where to being your personal journey with Applied Spirituality?

You’re in exactly the right place. Here are the Seven Steps to get you going:

th_ASlogosmalltm-1Step 1: Sign up for the Applied Spirituality Journals weekly messages. Every week you’ll receive by email a simple message together with a simple exercise to apply the message and a thought to ponder about that message. The idea of the weekly messages is to get you thinking about things in new, expanded ways. Once a month you’ll also get a Newsletter with news about Applied Spirituality, events and insider offerings.

th_ASlogosmalltm-1Step 2: Purchase the Earthling’s Quick Start Guide and online course together with its companion book, Well Done and its online course. Buy them together. Read the books and do the online courses.

th_ASlogosmalltm-1Step 3: Do the Self Esteem Course, 10 Minutes; 12 Weeks to A New View of Life and You

Step 4: Join the Sunday evening life transformational group coaching calls. Participate!!!

th_ASlogosmalltm-1Step 5: Read the New View Blog entries and articles.

th_ASlogosmalltm-1Step 6: Participate in the Books Forum and/or the Coaching Forum,. Ask questions, make comments, and get involved thinking about how to use and apply what you’re learning in your every day life.

Step 7:
Take the two Applied Spirituality Teleconference Classes