The Round Table Release Process© Course
to Release Resistance and ReUnify Parts

(Strongly suggested as pre-requisite to The Course: Love YourSelf Unconditionally)


Remove the Filters that distort your view of life
Rekindle love and compassion for yourself/others
Release What Holds You Back
ReUnify All Your selves into Oneness
Restore Well Being in All Area of Life (yes even the political scene!)
Fall in love with all the parts of You

Course Description:

There are many personas (parts) that make up all that you experience as you. Sometimes referred to as your ‘inner child’, but it is much more comprehensive and complex than you ever imagined.

Collectively these parts are your ‘human ego mind’. They were all created by you in order to play the old Game of 3rd Dimension – Separation from Source. In other words, without benefit of knowing/feeling the Presence of your Highest Wisdom, these parts of you made lots of decisions based on lack, loss, pain and fear just to keep you safe; however, now we’re all playing a NEW GAME!

The New Game is The Game of Oneness, Unity, Awakening, or Ascension.

So as you naturally reach for More of anything Good in physical life – a wondrous relationship, a new career, better health, more abundance, creativity, inspired ideas – these parts come between you and your Best Life – your Best Self, because they are still operating in their old ‘now’ reality, still playing the old Game of Separation.

What’s required is that you listen to them, love them, and update them with new software based on Love not fear; Oneness, not separation. When you do, they transform and release to You their gifts of wisdom and knowledge from all their experiences with fear and lack. You become more Whole. Integrated.

So in the spirit of ‘No Man Left Behind”, it’s time to gather Home all your Soul’s parts. Reunite the Family of You. This is what you’ve been missing. The Unified Family of You, No Parts missing! Learn how to access these parts and reunify them using the Round Table Release Process.

You will also learn other release processes – how, when and where to use them. You will get to practice each Sunday in a supportive group, learning from each other and using the triggers that come up in your ordinary life.

Free yourself!  6 interactive classes. Click on the Pay What You Want Button to Register

Sunday Feb. 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2 at 6 PM ET
Meet via Teleconference Call for 60-90 min for 6 weeks
All you need is a phone. Once you register, you will be directed
to a new page 
with the teleconference line number
and the link to download the Ebook.
Write down the teleconference number in your calendar.
The calls will be recorded. Links will be sent to you via email to download.
We will have a secret Facebook page to share experiences

Free yourself! Click on the Pay What You Want Button

“The magic of Kathy’s presence in one’s life is that she is one of those blended beings who is not trying to convert you to anything, but the coming home to your highest Self. She teaches you to honor the lessons all your selves give you on the path to that realization of daily joy.”  Antonet O’Toole, Adolescent Addiction Recovery Counselor, Phoenix House