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Turn it all around in 12 weeks…
The Course:
Love YourSelf Unconditionally

~ a course in personal self mastery~
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**Suggested Course Prerequisite:
The Round 
Table Release Process 


The Fall 2014 12-week
Love YourSelf Unconditionally class 
begins Sun Sunday, September 28 (3 – 5 PM EDT) ends December 14, 2014

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These classes are conducted on
Google Hangout.
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There is space for only 9 participants
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From Denver, Colorado

“Absolutely Amazing!  Kathy’s Loving Yourself Unconditionally class has completely shifted my paradigm and my world. I believe that learning to love ourselves and appreciate ourselves is the next stage of our human evolution.  When we learn to love ourselves, we not only change our world but “The World”. Kathy masterfully shows a joyful new way to connect with and experience ourSelf and our abundance.  I am seeing my world in a whole new way.  I highly recommend learning from Kathy. Priceless!” ~ Cathy Black –  The Feminine Field: Manifesting from the Feminine

The Course…

Is For…

those who realize nothing else works until you have a relationship with yourSelf that you can intentionally and deliberately tune into to and align with at will; and who are ready and willing to commit to loving yourSelf FIRST.

Is About

giving you the basic tools/techniques to naturally diminish the content of your human ego mind whilst simultaneously allowing Presence/Awareness to rise naturally, a new default response to internal emotions, thoughts and beliefs that filter and limit your Connection with yourSelf.

We don’t stop a run away freight train (human ego mind) over night. Therefore, this is an intensive course designed to slow the human ego mind train gradually bringing it to full stop whilst simultaneously allowing Godmind to rise. This course shifts what you experience in your manifested life radically by applying the tools and techniques in the context of your ordinary life over 12 weeks.

It takes time and consistency to become aware of and identify the pervasive limiting thought/belief patterns of human ego mind as they come up in the context of your ‘real life’.

It takes time and consistent application of the processes/techniques to release the various entanglements of ego mind.

It takes time and consistent opportunity to allow/recognize Presence/Awareness to rise naturally in your clearer human mind.

Thus you become manager/master of your energy in everyday moment to moment ‘real life’ experiences.

You Will Gain…(Benefits)

      • a deep and abiding Love/Value/Acceptance of YourSelf (and therefore others)
      • a new, higher set point (vibrational signature) – you’ll feel Better about everything (lower stress)
      • tools to manage your Internal Energy Relationship with Self that forever empower you no matter
        what life circumstances present
      • new default internal responses – moment to moment practices – to navigate your internal world – thus shifting everything in your external experience
      • feeling safer, more confidant and more powerful in your own hands in the world to experience what you want

Loving Yourself Unconditionally Syllabus

Weeks 1-4 The Toolbox for releasing human ego mind and Allowing I AM Presence to Rise Naturally.

Module 1 –  Committing to You

Module #1 PDF
Module #1 Sound File
Meditations – a. Breathing & b. Shifting Focus

Supportive Teaching – Vibration, Frequency, Nonphysical Energy
Solfeggio Frequence Tone UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

Module 1 Class Sound File
Homework Practices

Module 2 – Free Will: Your Sovereign Choice &
Accepting 100% Responsibility for creating 100%  of your reality

Module #2 PDF
Module #2 Sound File
Meditations: Breathing & Shifting Focus.
Solfeggio Frequency – 2nd Chakra RE 417 Hz
Supportive Teaching – Vibration, Frequency and Energy Part II
Module 2 Supplemental Lecture Sound File (Energy/VibrationII)
Module 2 Class Sound File
Homework Practices

Module 3 – Who Are You Really: Innate, Intuition, Conceptual Thought

Module #3 PDF
Module #3 Sound File
Module #3 Class Sound File
Meditations: Breathing, Shifting Focus, Experiencing God’s Presence in Stillness
Solfeggio Frequency Tone “MI”– 3rd Chakra  Sacral Chakra 528 HZ
Release/Clearing Process:  Clearing/Release Technique #1
Applying Clearing/Release Technique #1
Spiritual Housekeeping Process Moment to Moment PDF
Homework Practices

Module 4 Human Ego Mind: Reunification of Soul

Module #4 Sound File
Module #4 PDF
Meditation: Practicing the Presence 

and Solfeggio Frequency – 4th Chakra-“FA” 639 Hz
Release/Clearing Process Technique #2 (Round Table)
Applying Clearing/Release Technique #2
Homework Practices

Modules 5-8 The Wholeness of You: Way More Than Enough

Module 5 You Are More Than Enough (part i)

Module #5 PDF
Module #5 Sound File
Module #5 Class Sound File
Meditation: Practicing the Presence 

and Solfeggio Frequency – 5th. Chakra “SOL” 741 Hz
Trust Exercises 1 & 2 Sound File & PDF
Applying Trust Exercises

Homework Practices

Module 6 You Are More Than Enough (part ii):You Are The Gift

Module #6 PDF
Module #6 Sound File
Module #6 Class Sound File
Meditations: Practicing the Presence
and Solfeggio Frequency – 6th. Chakra “LA” 852 Hz 
Applying Clearing/Release Techniques group
Standard Homework Practices

Module 7 You Are More Than Enough (part iii) Being Who You Really Are

Module #7 PDF
Module #7 Sound File
Module #7 Class Sound File
Meditations: Practicing the Presence
Solfeggio Frequency – 7th. Chakra 963 Hz
Standard Homework Practices

Module 8 You Are More Than Enough (part iv):  Internal Shifts:
Physical Manifestations, Sensations & Symptoms

Module #8 PDF
Module #8 Sound File
Module #8 Class Sound File
Meditation: Practicing the Presence and Solfeggio Frequency 1122 Hz Balance All Chakras

Modules 9-12 Creating & Manifesting 

Module 9 Your Relationship with yourSelf: Your most important relationship

Module #9 PDF
Module #9 Sound File
Module #9 Class Sound File
Meditation: Practicing the Presence and All Chakra Solfeggio Frequency Meditation

Classroom Exercise: Using the Round Table in Conjunction with Journal Entries
HomeWork Practices

Module 10 Experiencing yourSelf as Quality

Module #10 PDF
Module #10 Sound File
Module #10 Class Sound File
Meditations: Practicing the Presence and Focusing in Multidimension

Introduction to the Tracker: Balancing exercise, play, work, Self
Homework Practices

Module 11 The Realization of Oneness: Blending self and Self

Module #11 PDF
Module #11 Sound File
Moldule #11 Class Sound File
Meditations: Practicing the Presence | Breath/Awareness

Introduction Consciousness Graphic
Homework Practices

Module 12  How loving Yourself Shows Up as a New Real Life’

Module #12 PDF
Module #12 Sound File
Module #12 Class Sound File
Meditations: Practicing the Presence | Breath Awareness | Shift Focus 

Homework Practices

Weekly Class Format

Each participant is expected to have read the lesson and listened to all the supplementary files for each module prior to meeting. Time in class will be spent in teaching of tools and using them,  ‘hotseat coaching’ and clarifying practical application in ‘real life’ and participants sharing experiences/shifts.

10:00 – 10:15 AM Meditation Opener

(Each class begins with a type of meditation introducing various methods and styles to support meditation as a daily practice eventually becoming a moment to moment state. The purpose is to teach ‘alignment’ first – Feeling Good before undertaking anything.

10:15-10:55 AM Interactive Exercises. Q & A. Sharing. Teachings on relevant cosmology and science to support a Higher New Perspective – New Ways of thinking about old things. Hotseat coaching/paradigm shifting.

10:55-Noon Closing/Group Energy Work
Purpose: To Practice Feeling the Energy of Well Being; Focusing it, Using it, Being One with It. Bringing more Source Energy into the Body and grounding It (YOU) into your physical body/mind.

You will need

An Email Address
A Google+ Account   Here’s How to Get Your Google+ Account
Access to computer or smartphone or tablet with headset (pubic library works very well)  Find a library
A 3-ring binder to store and print out PDF’s
A Journal (a spiral notebook will work) for communicating with yourself/Self.
A way to save documents and mp3 files if you don’t have a computer. The library sells zip drives for $5.00 and also provides headsets for listening.

From ~ Akron, Ohio

 “Thank You! You truly have a gift; and I appreciate your sharing. Your spirit soars High; and mine is now a little Higher thanks to this work.  I can honestly say the course met my expectations. I’m more aware and paying attention to my true Self.  Yes, I would highly recommend it!  Peace & Many Blessings!”~  nc 

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