CoachingButton4xCoaching is fundamentally different than counseling in that coaching assumes you are not broken and that you are the wise author of your own answers, knowing you are Whole and are in the process of uncovering your True Self.

Coaching is an important aspect of learning any new thing like golf or a new language. However in this time of the evolution of consciousness, it is crucial as the focus is all on changing your mind, altering how you think about things, and releasing long standing cultural, societal and familial beliefs that have limited and confined you (your story).

Changing how you use your mind, how you focus your thoughts, and simply gaining control of it requires learning the skills and then consistent practice until you gain your self mastery and self management.

Think of a runaway freight train that has been traveling in one direction for a long time – that is your current default pattern of thought. In order to change your life, that pattern needs to be disrupted, then new and better patterns deliberately practiced until they become the new default. Back to the runaway freight train – it doesn’t stop on a dime. It takes awhile for it to stop once someone has hit the brakes. Then, the process of turning the train and putting it onto a new track begins.

Your life transformation is about processing the emotions and learning just what your emotions are really telling you so you can use them constructively for your Good. When you’re “in it” with a strong emotion, it’s crucial to have a place where you can practice reframing the emotion and a coach who can move you through it with ease.

I am committed to your life transformation process which happens one thought at a time in the now moments of your ordinary life. Coaching is invaluable in your process until you’re processing confidently on your own. 

Group Coaching vs Private Coaching

Group coaching is invaluable for integrating new skills which you are learning and practicing on a daily basis using the people and circumstances of your regular life. In a group setting invariably someone else is facing the same “issue” that you are and vice verse. We are able to learn by listening a wee bit more objectively to another’s story as it’s not so close to home so we can hear our very answer. There’s a synergy that happens in a group setting that builds and boosts everyone’s understanding collectively. There’s also the fact that others are there supporting and cheering you on – holding the space for you – as you do for them in community. I recommend group coaching for everyone. Group coaching is like eating healthy food every day, exercising or going to church every week. It’s really not optional but essential to a healthy life balance of body/mind/spirit. Learn more about Group Coaching here

Private Coaching is situational and should be used in crisis or in particularly challenging times. Private Coaching is really valuable when you’re experiencing particularly strong emotions that are the result of a false premise that you’ve been living unconsciously for years. It can be disorienting and confusing to say the least. That’s when it’s great to know you can schedule a 15, 30 or 45 minute private coaching session to move you quickly through the event and pop out the other side into clarity and peace. This is another important distinction between counseling and coaching. You might use private coaching for a short period of time until you feel you’ve gained the higher consciousness (perspective) on that particular issue. Then you can return to group and share your insights with others. If you feel private coaching is for you, contact me.