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Well Dpne - A Story of Applied SpiritualityThe skills of Self Mastery learned and mastered in the The Earthling’s Quick Start Guide are now applied to create what you wish to experience in….Well Done.

Well Done is a true story of Applied Spirituality in application in the course of an ordinary life.
In this book a Young Woman finds herSelf and learns to apply her Inner Wisdom whilst
opening a closed restaurant in a Southern California Beach Towne. 

The online course to Well Done walks you through the practical steps to a radical life change.

Foreword by Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, PhD. Co-author of the One Minute Manager®

Well Done is a book you won’t want to miss if you are interested
in being the best you can possibly be and bringing out the best in those
whose lives you touch.” – Ken Blanchard, Ph.D.

In this story the context is starting over again – difficult endings which are simply new beginnings – when the protagonist’s life has completely fallen apart. Our heroine is 30 something, getting divorced and broke – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. She sets about opening a closed restaurant with no previous experience. She promises herself one thing: this time she will follow her own guidance, intuition and wisdom – if she can only find it and recognize it. The stakes are high: her future life and her children’s. Leaving her old life behind, she moves to another Towne above a closed restaurant.

Follow her through her 18 month odyssey of simultaneously starting up a new business and managing the business and staff whilst learning how to follow her Internal Guidance and become the deliberate creator of her own reality using the Principles of Humaneness and the practices of Applied Spirituality. Read her intimate journal account of business hurdles, emotional challenges and her internal process of self discovery and self mastery.

The online course walks you through the process of deciding to change your life, discovering your own gifts and talents, managing others and knowing when to change course again; but this time you’ll be making all your choices from the inside out, guided by your own Wisdom, desires and innate talents to realize and live your Real, Authentic Life.

Serious about changing your life for the Good? Well then, you’ve come to the right place at the perfect time haven’t you?
See? You’re creating your own reality right now – for your Good.

Well Done is available in three formats

Well Done
Print Edition
Size:5.5″ x 8.5″ and 144 pages.
with online
plus shipping & tax

Well Done
PDF Ebook
with online course $13.00

Well Done
mp3 Audiobook
with online

Bonus! When you purchase either the MP3 Audiobook or the print book for $15.00,
you’ll also receive the eBook (PDF) at no additional charge as my gift to you.

Bonus! Each print book signed by the author!