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UnCommon Sense – More Guidance from Your Godchip

In the old days, there was such a thing as Common Sense. It died or went into a coma with the advent of the industrial era. Things of human mind became more valued than things of Spirit. Therefore, Common Sense has become uncommon.

Common Sense is a quality of Spirit – your Godchip. We are returning to a new valuing of Common Sense. Thank heaven.

In physics there is an axiom called Occam’s Razor. Simply stated it says that all things being equal, the simplest explanation is the best one. In other words, keep it simple.

Source is simple; It is not complex. Complexity, convolution, and distortion are the domain of human ego mind.

Keeping things simple is the hallmark of Common Sense. It’s obvious and elegant in its simplicity. Your grandparents or great grandparents probably had common sense. You have It, as well; it’s just unpracticed and underdeveloped, because human mind doesn’t value it. Sigh, there it is again!

The latest movement to the return to simplicity is another hallmark of returning to Source. Learn to cultivate the capacity for simplicity in life: simple solutions, simple answers.

In many applications, Common Sense, which is also a part of your IGS (Internal Guidance System) will suggest something to you, learn to listen for it.

Want a few examples? Ok.

The computer won’t boot up. Hmm. Check the plug!

Going to town to run an errand? Hmmm. Could it wait? Is there a simpler, more elegant time in a more natural rhythm?

Tired? Feeling puny? Hmmm. How about a good rest or maybe you just forgot to eat?

In a world that has learned to complicate and sensationalize everything, learning to listen to and follow your unCommon Sense can be a very valuable thing. It is straight from your Godchip, and always feels correct and is a huge, huge time saver. It’s fun, too.

It’s often synonymous with “That was Easy!”

In this video, George Whiteside tackles the topic of simplicity. He he speaking of physical creations; however this talk originates in Consciousness…and pay attention to the idea of ‘stacking’…one simple thing stacked on another simple thing creates complex systems…much like Universal Truth.

Journal Questions and Exercises

Answer the questions below to deepen and personalize this message in your life:

When you are reviewing your day for your gratitudes, appreciations and contentments, add in incidents where you could have used your Common Sense and didn’t, or you did, or you observed someone else’s UnCommon Sense. Notice where you naturall reached to make something ‘easier’ or ‘simpler’. Cleared your desk, for example. Cleaned out a drawer or closet. Where you reached for more EASE. Appreciate it, whether it was yours or some one else.

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