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Additional Recommended Resources

Miessence Certified Organic Personal Care Products

The world’s leader in quality personal care products for the whole family. Formulated and made in Australia to food grade standards.

Women to Women
This site is devoted to womens’ health by using diet and nutrition to cope with hormone imbalances which you may be experiencing as fatigue, depression, sleepless, cranky, etc. Hormones are often at the route of it. I have used these folks and still do. I find them capable, caring, and their solutions effective and safe. For women of all ages.

Extraordinary Abundance
Rita Desnoyer-Garcia show you how to uncover the abundance already within you.

Men’s Health Network
A not for profit organization devoted to men: health, family, fatherhood, anger management, and other timely issues. A Place to start. I have no personal experience with this organization.

A New Conversation With Men

Join Michael Taylor’s revolution that challenges men to ask themselves, “Am I really happy?”

National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
A site devoted to information about alternative health care. There are infinite choices.

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