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The Earthling’s Quick Start Guide:
Master Operating Your Unit on Earth – A Refresher Course in Applied Spirituality™

The Earthling’s Quick Start Guide is the book that will get you up and running! A powerhouse of a minibook complete with a free online, interactive course for you to personalize as you remember how your Earthly unit works and gain personal self mastery. Short, fun to read, and to the point, this guide will help you re-discover yourSelf and what makes you happy. Regardless of your background of experience with spirituality, this book will help you take control of your life and learn to live fully. 3.5″ x 5.5″ in size and 84 pages. 

Learn how to:
•    Access/Recognize your Inner Wisdom
•    Interpret and follow Your Internal Guidance to your personal definition of your               Good
•    Rely on your Self 100% of the time
•    Have a working methodology for living a powerful, ethical, and authentic life on             Earth doing your heart’s desire

The Earthling’s Quick Start Guide comes in 3 different formats!

Earthing’s Quick Start Guide Print Book with online course $11.00

Earthling’s Quick Start Guide PDF Ebook with online course $9.00
Earthling’s Quick Start Guide MP3 Audiobook with online course $11.00

Message from Author, Kathy Kirk:

Dear Friend,

I am Kathy Kirk, and I developed the Earthling’s Quick Start Guide and Free Online Course to help anyone – no matter your financial situation – to be able to afford and access the power to change your life for your Good once and for all. (If you missed the story of how and why Applied Spirituality was created, visit About.)

In my years of searching for my own empowerment, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars just on seminars, not to mention the countless books I have bought, the CD’s and personal counseling and coaching from others. The total spent is staggering; but you don’t have to. You can benefit from my years of study and research right now.

For me, 10, 20, even a 1000 times the money would have been worth it to me when my life was falling apart. If I had known then what I know now, I would have gone straight to my own Wisdom instead of spending years and thousands of dollars looking for the answers to my life outside myself. You can too. The Earthling’s Quick Start Guide and Free Online Course will show you the way Home to your own Wisdom.

In addition to the book and online course, I also refer to additional resources in the online course to help you in your journey, all of which can be obtained through your public library.  Also, I also have a books forum on this website where you can post your questions, and I will answer them for you and for everyone else.

You can and you will find your Self if you:

1.    read the book
2.    take the online course and
3.    apply your spirituality (energy, focus) consciously in every aspect of your daily life

You can’t miss, if you show up for your own life and grab this opportunity with both hands and your whole heart.

Go for the life you want and deserve right now. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Your time is now. And yes, you can do it!