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A New View of Life Radio Show Season III Guest Schedule
August 7, 2012 through January 8, 2013

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August 7 Episode #31 – Host Kathy Kirk: Creator/Founder Applied Spirituality
Program Title: Knowledge & Wisdom: The Distinction, Blending & Application in Real Life

Kathy Kirk_4818-Fix-C01Web

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In an unprecedented era of access to information, knowledge is easily obtained. Everything and anything that we might want to know, study or learn is literally at our fingertips with the age of the Internet. Even people who might not own a smart phone, ipad or pc have free access to public computers at the library.Yet there is little understanding of how the knowledge relates to other information; and this relationship and its application through the heart results in wisdom. How many of us are cultivating becoming wise? The manipulation of information to get a desired outcome still remains the way we predominantly operate in a competitive attitude. Yet what is needed now for America and the world to move forward is not just more knowledge alone, but a new synthesis of the plethora of data combined with the innate wisdom of the heart. Please join me as we explore not becoming just smarter, but wiser, too, which is what is required for a new transformed America that is good for All. Host Bio: Kathy Kirk has led an extraordinary life becoming a Consciousness Bridge. In every activity, Kathy’s focus is to observe the Human Spirit interface in the body/mind and It’s application/effect in the individual Life to understand how we naturally create our physical reality to live fulfilled lives. Applied Spirituality™ – The Ordinary Person’s TOE (Theory of Everything) continues to evolve from research, observation, experiences and contemplation. Applied Spirituality explains Consciousness as cause of every effect. Kathy is the author of two books each with online course, The Earthling’s Quick Start Guide: Master Operating Your Unit on Earth and Well Done. She redefines patriotism as the courage to answer one’s personal Call to Adventure using the details of physical life to awaken into a conscious life having gained a Higher Perspective.



 August 14 Episode #32Fay Hart The Slow Coach
Program Title: the Steps: Addiction Healing for 2012 and Beyond The New 12 Step Program

the Steps with Fay Hart



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In 1939 the Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) ‘Big Book’ was published telling the recovery story of Bill W., one of the co-founders of A.A. In all these years AA has faithfully served to help people to manage their addictions. Now there is A New Book for 2012 for those ready for More.

Fay Hart introduces, the Steps, a new paradigm of healing for our time, which came to her as a result of her association with a boulder named Grandmother Rock.

Step #1:  I admit to myself that I am powerful beyond measure and have all I need to create the life I desire. Fay will talk about how the original 12 Step Program and the new Steps process can work hand in hand for releasing suffering and moving into a life of freedom, growth and joy or if you are ready for the next step beyond AA. In whatever way you might be suffering with addiction, please join us for the Steps for 2012. No need to suffer any longer, there is more to know. Begin now: download your free copy of the Steps here: Guest Bio Fay Hart – Slow Coach for People in the Fast Lane – is a poet who came of age in that wild yowl between Altamont and AIDS; Fay moved to London to live a rock and roll life. For a young poet, punk music and London’s poetic history was an intoxicating mix; but in the ’90s, she turned her attention to understanding suffering, reading psychology at Surrey and continued to educate herself for another dozen years with teachers such as Panache Desai, Lucia Rene, Inelia Benz and Wayne Dyer. However, it took Mexico and a mystical trilogy for Fay to become fully aware of our ability to end our suffering. With the motto “do less, accomplish more” taped to her MacBook, Fay has built a practice from a house in Mexico that she bought at a yard sale and now assists clients as far afield as New Zealand to make great changes in their lives by doing less. Fay is the channel and author of a beautiful new paradigm of healing for our times, the Steps

August 21 Episode #33 – Yogini, Marni Task

Program Title: Yoga: It’s for Everyone – Even You!

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Guest Yogini, Marni Task, demystifies Yoga. Yoga has evolved in popular consciousness since the ‘50’s. At first it was a path of spiritual cleansing and rebirth; then it was a way of preventive medicine reducing stress; then the path to total fitness; and now Yoga is widely acknowledged as the perfect activity for everyone for whatever ails you. Seeking Wellness, emotional balance, strength, flexibility, anti-aging, recovery or a legitimate spiritual path? Yoga has officially gone mainstream as the one size fits all activity. It’s a means to quiet the mind, spend time with yourself. It’s a means to strengthen a body and restore physical health. It’s a means to community and friendships. It’s a means to find sanity in an insane world. In short, Yoga is the perfect body/mind/spirit practice to Well Being, Itself. Come learn how you can integrate Yoga into your life no matter your starting place & feel better. With Yoga, you cannot lose; but you can regain yourSelf.

Guest Bio:

Marni has been teaching yoga since 1995.  An Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher & Anusara Inspired instructor was voted Best Yoga Teacher in Scene Magazine. Known as a teacher’s teacher, Marni leads yoga teacher trainings.  She stepped onto the yoga path in 1987 and still studies with her beloved teachers Sharon Gannon & David Life, co-creators of Jivamukti.  She’s immersed in the Anusara Certification process and integrates the Universal Principles of Alignment.  Her classes offer therapeutic and creative sequencing that can heal the body and mind.

August 28 – Episode #34 Luz Aguirrebena Program Title: Develop The 21st Century Entrepreneurial Mindset: Think with Your Heart; Speak with Your Body; Love with Your Soul

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Ordinary entrepreneurial  heroes are the basis of the new American Economy as individuals  from all walks of life and every socio-economic level reinvent themselves anew. John and Jane Does are becoming the heart and soul of Renaissance America’s finance and economy. The successful entrepreneur pursues his/her joy in a spirit of cooperation with both ‘competitors’ and clients. Their businesses thrive because first they have achieved a state of internal harmony of head, heart and body by aligning the human mind with the Soul’s purpose. Luz Aguirrebena, Thought Master and Business Coach, shares her Hawk Mindset, a system to harness your heart and thoughts to work for you in the business context. It allows you to remember how to think with your heart, speak with your body and love with your soul.  In this way ‘work’ becomes play and everyone thrives. There is enough for everyone; it is win/win, sustainable and Good for both people & planet.  Please join us! Guest Bio Luz Aguirrebena grew up in Santiago, Chile. At 17 she moved to Spain and in 1984 moved to Washington DC. She spent the next 13 years of her professional life in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship involved with Hispanic Media, TV, print sales & marketing. Her passion for social science, understanding the impact of thought on life outcomes, plus an innate drive to help people reach full potential led her into a perpetual state of research and study. Using herself as experiment, she found an internal urgency to associate the dissociated ending the separation and competition within which she calls the ‘virus of the mind duality’. The last 5 years of research has culminated with her program, “The Hawk Mindset,” Thought Masters Training for Entrepreneurs where thoughts and feelings are aligned then blending with the desire of the heart magnet to creating a powerful, harmonious and cooperative partnership within:  The 21st Century Entrepreneurial Mindset.

September 4  Episode#35 Author and Visionary – Marlise Karlin Program Title: The Power of Peace in You

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“You can’t create lasting peace in the world, until you know it in your own heart.” ~Marlise Karlin Marlise Karlin’s book, The Power of Peace in You, delivers a revolutionary method The Simplicity of Stillness to access a universal Life-force Energy of peace to attain clarity, inspiration and calm, amidst chaos, stress & anxiety. Synthesizing evolutionary schools of thought with ancient wisdom healing traditions, The Simplicity of Stillness teaches you how to integrate this profound intelligence into everyday. With illustrative stories, daily exercises, and a Stillness Session CD this new process for higher learning will change how you see and do everything. Kids rediscover self-worth, teens heal eating disorders, adults find self-love. From Maasai warriors in Kenya to CEOs in Amsterdam, hospitals and healing professionals, parents around the globe – people find the courage to face setbacks and the inspiration to empower a future of possibility; because The Power of Peace in You ignites the Energy stream of hope and healing in your life leading to the heart of your soul.

September 11 Episode#36 Craig Hamilton – Integral Enlightenment

Program Title: The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego

craighamiltonListen Now

 You’re an evolutionary, because you spend a significant part of everyday thinking how to evolve yourself to make a difference; you sense we face a critical moment in our human story; and you feel called to participate in creating pathways to a better future. You’ve realized that evolution doesn’t need more fans or cheerleaders, but awake, conscious & wise participants who have evolved themselves to the point that they’re capable of serving and guiding the process of human emergence. You sense that there is a much bigger life calling you; and you know you need to evolve in a way that few human beings ever have. Learn to make the profound but simple shift in orientation enabling you to bring Wisdom into every moment; the three pillars of conscious evolution and how to leave the fears and limitations of ego behind by activating the unlimited potential of the Evolutionary Self coursing through each of us. Guest Bio: Craig Hamilton, pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality and the moving force behind Integral Enlightenment, applies decades of intensive spiritual practice with insights gleaned from eight years Senior Editor of What Is Enlightenment? magazine. He participated in the dynamic, living laboratory of evolution known as EnlightenNext, under the guidance of founder, Andrew Cohen, ultimately playing a key leadership role in that spiritual community. Craig’s current focus is helping articulate an authentic evolutionary spirituality-an integral enlightenment- revealing the relationship between individual transformation and collective evolution. Craig is a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a member of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum, and participant in the Synthesis Dialogues, an interdisciplinary think tank presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Craig lives with his wife, Claire, in San Rafael, CA.

September 18  Episode#37
Dr. Bruce Lipton
 The Biology of Belief: Minding Your Mind Matters to Your Health & Well Being 

bruceliptonListen Now

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, represents his groundbreaking work i n the field of new biology and will forever change how you think about thinking. Through the research of Dr. Lipton and other leading-edge scientists, stunning new discoveries have been made about the interaction between your mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information. It shows definitively that genes and DNA do not control our biology, that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts and attitudes. Using simple language, illustrations, humor, and everyday examples, Li pton demonstrates how the new science of Epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter (our physiology) and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective quality of life of our species.
Guest Bio: Bruce H. Lipton PhD, internationally recognized leader bridging science and spirit, is stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, co author of Spontaneous Evolution, and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award. In 1982 examining how the principles of quantum physics might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems, Lipton produced breakthrough studies on the cell membrane revealing the cell’s outer layer as an organic homologue of a computer chip, the cell equivalent of a brain. His research at Stanford’s School of Medicine (‘87 to ’92) revealed the environment, operating though the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell turning genes on and off. His discoveries ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by genes; and now promoted the idea that genes and DNA are manipulated by beliefs thus presaging the field of epigenetics.

September 25 – Episode #38 John Shelby Spong
Program Title: Emerging Christianity: Growing into Spiritual Adulthood

220px-Bishop_John_Shelby_Spong_portrait_2006  Listen Now

Rarely is the Bible perceived as a tool of transformational change; yet it is. As humanity moves deeper into a time of conscious awakening, traditional Bible interpretations become stepping stones illuminating paths of greater understanding. In 1st Corinthians 13, Paul foreshadowed these times.  In verse 11 he called us to become spiritual adults, “When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things; in verse 12 he said, “For now we see through a glassdarkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” Paul’s ‘then’ is now. Progressive and Emerging Christianity are paths where you retain your beloved Christianity and grow spiritually using traditional teachings as platform for greater meaning and deeper clarity. You don’t give up anything; you expand on what you know and become More. Listen as Bishop John Shelby Spong illuminates A New View of Christianity. Guest Bio: One of America’s best-known spokespersons for open, scholarly Christianity, Bishop John Shelby Spong has achieved legendary reputation.  A deeply committed Christian, he insists he must also speak as an informed citizen of the 21st century.  He equipped himself by studying at major centers of Christian scholarship. Bishop Spong, named the Quatercentenary Scholar at Cambridge University in 1992 and the William Belden Noble Lecturer at Harvard in 2000, was honored in 2010 by Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA, having his portrait hung in the school’s Hall of Honor alongside other noted civil rights leaders. He has appeared many times on national TV from Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher to The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly. He has been featured on CBS Sixty Minutes.  His twenty-four books have sold more than one million copies.  Since 2001 he has been a weekly columnist and the Center for Progressive Christianity. Spong was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and educated in Charlotte public schools. He was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1952, and received his Master of Divinity degree in 1955 from the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia. (That seminary and Saint Paul’s College have both conferred on him honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees.) He wrote: “[I have] immerse[d] myself in contemporary Biblical scholarship at such places as Union Theological Seminary in New York City, Yale Divinity School, Harvard Divinity School and the storied universities in Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge. Spong served as rector of St. Joseph’s Church in Durham, North Carolina from 1955 to 1957; rector of Calvary Parish, Tarboro, North Carolina from 1957 to 1965; rector of St. John’s Church in Lynchburg, Virginia from 1965 to 1969; and rector of St. Paul’s Church in Richmond, Virginia from 1969 to 1976. He has held visiting positions and given lectures at major American theological institutions, most prominently at Harvard Divinity School. He retired in 2000.  and

October 2  Episode#39 Randy Rabney
Program Title: Make Peace with Food: Intuitive Delicious and Guilt Free Eating

RandyRabney_300dpi_V2[1]Listen Now

When was the last time you didn’t count calories, fats or carbs and didn’t feel guilty? When was the last time you actually enjoyed delicious food and felt good about what you ate? Food should be one of our life’s pleasures, but few Americans enjoy what they eat. What’s more – in our efforts to lose weight and be fit, we actually end up punishing ourselves in our daily ritual of self- torture and self -recrimination. But the most important side effects of our war with food is that 1.)we sacrifice good nutrition and nourishment by resorting  to fast, processed foods and 2.) we feed our body chemicals – both of which directly impact our health and vitality – our very well being. Join guest Randy Rabney to learn how to listen to your body to know what it needs you to eat in order to be healthy. Learn how to choose wholesome, high Quality ingredients and remember how to have joy and freedom once again in your relationship with food – for life! Guest Bio: “Food should be delicious, nourishing and easy to prepare” – Randy Rabney. Randy Rabney is devoted to helping people eat wholesome, nourishing foods whilst experiencing renewed freedom and joy in relationship with food. A health crisis taught her about the effects food has on all aspects of our lives and led her to change careers and create The Conscious Plate.  Told to eliminate wheat, Randy experienced a detox and felt healthier; she realized the connection between what she ate and how she felt. She closed her law practice and went to the Chef Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute and studied nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She believes foods shouldn’t be thought of as “good” or “bad;” instead, we learn to understand  and intuit what our bodies require. She is the author of “Delicious for Life: Your Everyday Guide to Making Quick & Healthy Meals and a  contributor to several online publications. To learn more visit

October 9  Episode#40 Polly Letofsky
1st Woman to Walk Around the World!

Program Title: Little Steps, Big Feats: Taking on Life One Step At a Time “Listen Here Part I”
Listen Now Part 1

Polly 1Polly Letofsky, the first woman to walk around the world, brings her insights, inspirations and anecdotes to life in her recently published book, 3 PMH: 3MPH: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World. Polly Letofsky traveled across 4 continents – over 14,000 miles on foot. As an awareness campaign for breast cancer, strangers welcomed her into their homes. It was not an easy road. Polly was challenged with earthquakes, muggings, languages and religious riots. The ultimate challenge came in the middle of her journey when September 11 flung us all into a crossroads in world history; and Polly found herself navigating a vastly changing world.

 Polly’s story and journey is the quintessential Hero’s Journey – physically and spiritually; it’s your story,too.

It  personifies the natural support from the Universe aligning with the human spirit of commitment and perseverance that will both encourage and compel you to take on life’s biggest challenges – one step at a time. Guest Bio Polly Letofsky was born in Minneapolis to parents who encouraged their kids to live their own truth. At age 12 in 1974 she was inspired by a Minnesota man who walked around the world. She studied business at Mankato State University in Minnesota followed by Brown College of Broadcasting where she graduated first in her class and moved to Colorado for her first job in radio. After several friends and family suffered breast cancer, she decided she would finally attempt her dream dedicating it to the women of the world. At 37, Letofsky sold her belongings, quit her job, rented her condo and headed west on foot beginning her GlobalWalk for Breast Cancer.

 After her five year walk around the world Letofsky settled in Denver, Colorado, where she is a freelance writer and motivational speaker. She lives with her two cats, Olli and Rosie, and is President of the Colorado Business Women’s Network. She bikes, loves animals, and still walks, but usually just to the Whole Foods. October 16  Episode#41Polly Letofsky – 1st Woman to Walk Around the World! Program Title: Little Steps, Big Feats: Taking on Life One Step At a Time

Listen Now Part 2

Polly 1

Dear Listeners, Another first for A New View of Life. After hearing Polly’s story in Part I, I was so taken  with her story and felt we had just barely scratched the surface to illuminate the Value in it to you, I spontaneously asked her to do an encore. It all fell into place beautifully. So please enjoy Part II where Polly talks more about the meaning of the walk to her and the ‘serendipitous’ events as well as her message to every Ordinary Hero facing a ‘project’. I feel proud and privileged to present to you Polly Letofsky – twice! – Kath

October 23  Episode#42 Barbara Roberts Program Title:
Face Reading: What You Face Says About Who You Really Are

BarbaraRobertsListen Now

Face reading (physiognomy) was the only system used to understand a person’s character until Sigmund Freud introduced psychiatry to western medicine. Barbara Roberts teaches us this art/science. Understanding the psychological meanings for your facial features will help you: • Know who you are & where you are going • Choose the career you were born to • Find a life partnerer whose facial features match your personality • Gain holistic insight about your health • Possess the inside edge for job success • Maximize your personal strengths at home & on the job • Know how to read others at a glance • Read the needs of clients, co-workers, competitors • Understand your compatibility with others & know what they really want from you? • How to select a spiritual path that satisfies your soul’s longing • Read your children’s inner gifts to see if theyare ‘on track’ for their highest good & guide teen to their highest calling Learn a skill that will serve your whole life. Guest Bio: Barbara Robert’s intuitive, spiritual approach to Face Reading blends her forty year journey of psychological transformation and meditation with scientific accuracy developed in thirty years of training in Western medicine. Her unique system honoring all ethnic groups, ages, & genders was tested on 10,000+ people who participated in her 400 classes/private sessions. Barbara won the Hewing Medical Award for Research at UCSD and graduated Magna Cum Laude, Case Western Reserve in social psychology. She has appeared as a national/local TV Guest on over 50+ shows. Her books Face Reading: What Does Your Face Say? and Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance sell globally. Clients include US Navy, Fortune 500, Wells Fargo, UCSD, UCLA, USD, National University, Jenny Craig, Learning Annex, Hospice, YMCA, Center for Integrative Medicine, North Coast Nephrology Conference, Mira Costa & Palomar Colleges & City of San Diego. She read the faces of Oprah’s production staff.

October 30  Episode#43Darryl Anka – Channel for Bashar
Program Title: Advanced Civilizations Are Helping Us Remember Who We Really Are

DarrylAnkaListen Now

30 years ago the extraterrestrial, Bashar (Bringer of Good News) contacted Darryl Anka reminding him of his agreement to channel assistance to Mankind for our evolution of consciousness. ”We are interacting with you to share certain perspectives that may give you an opportunity to see within yourself more of what it is you contain, to know more about yourselves, to allow us to reflect to you certain ideas you may already know but as a civilization have forgotten.  You are very powerful teachers for many other civilizations because you have chosen to ‘do it the hard way’, by exploring negative limitation to an amazing degree.Therefore another civilization might look at you and say, ‘They still find their higher consciousness? Even through all that?! Well, if they can do it… we can do it!’” Bashar’s teachings are based on an advanced version of physics. When we apply these principles and techniques to our daily life, we see dramatic results in what we experience and feel! Guest Bio Darryl Anka started his Hollywood career as a visual and special effects artist who worked on, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I Robot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Live Free or Die Hard and Iron Man. Now he works as a producer and writer at his own company, Anka began to communicate, through trance-channeling, with extra-terrestrial entity, Bashar in 1983. He describes Bashar as existing in a parallel reality, in a time frame that we perceive as the future. The monologues and dialogues with Bashar cover a wide range of topics including human psychology, planetary evolution, metaphysics, and extra-terrestrials. Occasionally, Anka will act as a guest speaker at conferences related to issues such as ET contact. Anka appeared in the 2008 documentary Tuning In with other notable channels such as Lee Carroll. Anka’s books include The New Metaphysics, Blueprint for Change ,& Quest for Truth: 100 Insights That Could Change Your Life are available on and

November 6  Episode#44 Author, Phil Bolsta
Program Title:Through God’s Eyes: Peace and Purpose Are Closer Than You Think

phil-bolstaListen Now

You consider yourself a spiritual person but feel lost instead of loved, heartache instead of hope, stressed instead of blessed. If you have more confusion than clarity about how to live your beliefs in ‘real life’, Through God’s Eyes: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World, will help you transform yourself to be a source of love, hope and healing energy to all who cross your path and most importantly, to yourself. Through God’s Eyes, a comprehensive guide to living a spiritual life, explains how dozens of spiritual principles interact, how to weave them together into a cohesive worldview and how to practically apply your spiritual wisdom in daily life. The world around you changes as you see through God’s eyes. Says Caroline Myss who wrote the foreword, “Phil is a contemporary mystic, a man whose life is a living commitment to spiritual service. I am honored to know him.” Order Through God’s Eyes Guest Bio: Phil Bolsta is a freelance writer and father who divides his time between the Twin Cities and Encinitas, CA. After a dozen years in the investment business, he changed careers to pursue his true calling – encouraging and inspiring people to live more positive, loving lives. Through his writing and speaking, he has touched and changed countless lives. Phil is coauthor of The Big Book of Small Business, the first business book to blend an enlightened approach to leadership with effective business principles. Phil established himself as a credible source of spiritual insight and wisdom with the 2008 publication of “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything.” Translated into four languages, “Sixty Seconds” is a collection of forty-five uplifting, life-changing stories from prominent spiritual authors and thought leaders. Phil is constantly updating his blog, Triumph of Spirit, at Order Through Gods Eyes  Phil can be reached at  

November 13 Episode#45 – Dr.Brent Bauer, Director of Complimentary
and Integrative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic
Program Title: Integrative Medicine at Mayo Clinic:  Massage, Acupuncture and Meditation Becoming Mainstream Medicine
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At no other time in history have patients and consumers been so overwhelmed with information and options regarding their health.  Much of this is due to the explosive  and simultaneous growth of the Internet and evidence of the efficacy of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). CAM has opened up a wide array of options for self-treatment and self-care, ranging from the common (e.g. herbs, massage and acupuncture) to the uncommon (e.g. shark cartilage, ozone therapy, colonic irrigation and more).  The Internet makes information and access to all of these therapies quick and easy.  Dr. Brent Bauer, Director of the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, MN will focus on developing strategies for patients and consumers to assist them in sifting through the myriad alternatives so you can arrive at informed decisions about the role of CAM in your healthcare and wellness. Guest Bio Dr. Brent Bauer is Medical Director of Mayo Clinic Health Solutions and Director of the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at Mayo Clinic. He is board-certified in internal medicine, a professor of medicine Mayo Medical School and has been on staff at Mayo Clinic for 20 years.  His main research interest has been the scientific evaluation of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies that patients and consumers are using with increasing frequency.  He has authored several book chapters and papers on this topic, is a member of numerous national scientific study sections and is currently collaborating on over 20 studies being conducted at Mayo Clinic evaluating CAM therapies ranging from acupuncture to valerian root. Dr. Bauer’s work is at the forefront of the emerging field of Integrative Medicine. A native of Madison, Wis., Dr. Bauer is a graduate of Mayo Medical School.

November 20 Episode #46 –Rhys Thomas
Program Title: Energy Psychology:  The Emotional & Intellectual Forces Expressing as You: Which Profile Are You?

59_Rhys _DSC_6845Listen Now

In the first of two parts with Rhys Thomas, Founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute and teacher of healers, we look at the field of Energy Psychology – energy patterns of human thoughts and beliefs together with the soul’s blue print and life theme. Rhys explains to the public for the first time, the five energy ‘Profiles’ of people and how, in the process of awakening, they ultimately come to realize two things: something important is missing in their lives which they can’t quite put their finger on; and when they look at the lives they are living, they know they have a higher purpose calling them to contribute in a greater way.  Rhys Thomas answers these two mysteries sharing the foundational work of Profiles that he teaches in his three year energy medicine school that has never before been shared with the general public. You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to understand your internal discord to resolve the riddle of you into a congruent, harmonious Whole. Guest Bio Rhys Thomas, a visionary author, speaker and trainer in energy psychology/medicine is founder/director of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and the Rhys Method® transformational system.  Recognized  as pioneer in energy medicine due to his synthesis/re-interpretation of energy psychology/medicine techniques.  Passionate about teaching people to awaken to their deepest sense of purpose, power and presence in their lives and relationships,  Rhys has impacted hundreds of thousands through his videos, speaking events and programs.  Rhys is a graduate/former teacher at Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences and founder of Solstice Healing Arts Center. His 15 years in energy medicine includes full spectrum healing, crystal bowl sound healing, energy reading and soul reading. He is certified energy medicine practitioner, Reiki Master with 2nd Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts. For 27 years he was a tennis professional and speaker for the tennis industry

November 27 Episode #47 – Rhys Thomas Program Title:
Energy Medicine: Rebalancing Profile Patterns in the Chakras For Health, Peace and Purpose

59_Rhys _DSC_6845Listen Now

Everyone has a unique life purpose only you can discover.  To Know Your Life Purpose You Must Be Able To Feel It.  The Chakra system, more than an esoteric spiritual study, is the location of your power, desires, love, creativity, passion and genius as this is where your thoughts, beliefs, soul blueprint and life theme reside.  When cleared, balanced and coherent, they create the extraordinary person you know you are capable of being in every moment.  Separated they confuse, making even the most basic life choices difficult.  Mastering the chakras is the first step in becoming Who You Really are to live the life you have intended.   Rhys Thomas shows you how to see and feel who you are and what blocks you from your living at the highest levels.  He will show you how the two systems, the Profiles and the Chakras are the first steps you can take to discover your deepest life purpose and passion; and how to choose the appropriate energy modality and worker.

December 4 Episode #48 – David Hulse

Program Title: A Fork In The Road: How Solfeggio Frequencies Empower Personal and Planetary Transformation

DavidHulse_ForksinGlassesSM-1Listen Now

Ever wonder our why music is so important to us and often referred to as the Universal language? Ever notice that while certain sounds can help you feel refreshed, renewed and eager for life other sounds jangles, jar and disturb? Do you realize that chanting is a Universal phenomenon? David Hulse shares what ancient Solfeggio frequencies are; how they were lost to us until now,  and how they serve as vibrational bridges to holistically re-integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual and humanity. This information takes us to the cutting edge of scientific discoveries on self-healing via the use of sound, vibration, and frequencies which clear, cleanse, balance, and focus our lives – in all its forms – into an elegant Whole. The ancient Solfeggio frequencies are part of a natural process that can assist us in creating lives without stress or illness and a world of peace, cooperation and love. and

Guest Bio

David Hulse, D.D. combines his over four decades of experience as a motivational speaker with years of research in metaphysics, science, sound and spirituality to bring you a unique and empowering journey. At the turn of the century, this unique background served as the catalyst for David’s accelerating interest and research into the lost frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio.

These ancient sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings, when sung. David’s further research then led him into the dynamics of sound, and it’s influence on the etheric/physical interface. As a result, he felt led to develop tuning forks that are tuned to the frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio. Today, David believes that these Ancient, Sacred Tones actually serve as a “vibrational bridge” to holistically re-integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual, as well as all of Humanity—collectively. His diverse background allows him to speak on a wide range of topics. By using the deep metaphysical meanings found in the scriptures, the psychology of A Course In Miracles, and exploring the enlightened discoveries coming from new science about Light and Sound. David’s presentations incorporate science, psychology and world religions in a unique combination that is easy to understand. This uniqueness allows him to reach diverse audiences seeking a path of enlightenment and his ability to gather fragments of truth from many different disciplines and tap into present truth; helps bring all of your experiences up to now into focus.

December 11 Episode #49 – John Mackey – CEO & Founder Whole Foods Market Program Title:Conscious Capitalism, Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

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Each guest on A New View of Life is asked The Ordinary Heroes Journey Question: When Did You Get Your Call to Adventure? How each of us individually answers this question is at the heart of the transformation of America and the World, for as each Ordinary Hero becomes More through personal transformation, so then does the Quality of our world improve. (Ref. The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell). Guest John Mackey, co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market explains his concept of Conscious Capitalism where stakeholders are not just limited to financial institutions and shareholders but also include planet Earth and all living things…including consumers, growers, education…all in the effort to increase the Quality of the impact of his organization. Conscious Capitalism challenges business leaders to rethink why their organizations exist and to acknowledge their roles in the interdependent global marketplace. This new business paradigm holds the potential to enhance corporate performance while advancing the quality of life for billions of people. Conscious Capitalism can be applied to any business of any size. Please join us to learn more about how your enterprise can be a positive experience for the world, because it can.

Guest Bio

John Mackey, co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, has taken the natural and organic grocer from a single store in Austin, Texas, founded in 1978, to an $11 billion Fortune 300 company and a top U.S. supermarket with more than 340 stores and 70,000 Team Members worldwide. hile devoting his career to providing shoppers with high quality natural and organic foods, Mackey has also focused on building a more conscious way of doing business. For 15 consecutive years, FORTUNE magazine has included Whole Foods Market on its “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. The company was named “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” by Health Magazine, one of the nation’s “Top 25 Green Energy Leaders” by Scientific American, and one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” by the Ethisphere Institute. Mackey has been the visionary for many successful programs at the core of Whole Foods Market. He led the effort to create the Whole Planet Foundation in 2005 to help end poverty in developing nations. The foundation has helped more than 200,000 poor entrepreneurs in over 50 countries. Thanks to Mackey, Whole Foods Market was the first national grocer to set and implement standards for humane farm animal treatment for beef, chicken, pork and turkey it sells. In 2007, he led the launch of the Local Producer Loan Program to help local farmers and food producers expand their businesses and committed an initial $10 million to help grow those businesses through low-interest loans. Most recently, Mackey has focused on returning to the company’s roots around healthy eating and lifestyle choices. A staunch advocate of healthy eating education, he laid the foundation for health and wellness programs for team members and customers. In 2003, he was named Ernst & Young’s United States Entrepreneur of the Year and Bon Appétit magazine’s “Tastemaker of the Year.” Vanity Fair magazine named him “Best Provider” in its “Best of the Best in 2004,” Institutional Investor magazine rated him second on its “Best CEOs in America” list in 2005, and Barron’s put him on its “World’s Best CEOs” list in 2006. In 2008, Mackey received an honorary doctorate degree from Bentley College. In 2011, MarketWatch named him CEO of the Year, and FORTUNE magazine recognized him as its “Businessperson of the Year.” And in 2012, Esquire magazine included him on its list of “Most Inspiring CEOs.” A strong believer in free market principles, Mackey co-founded the Conscious Capitalism Movement to challenge business leaders to rethink why their organizations exist and to acknowledge their roles in the interdependent global marketplace. This new business paradigm holds the potential for enhancing corporate performance while advancing the quality of life for billions of people. He recently co-authored “Conscious Capitalism, Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business (Harvard Business Review Press, January 2013) to boldly defend and re-imagine capitalism while encouraging others to implement a way of doing business that is grounded in ethical consciousness. Out of his respect for equity among Team Members, Mackey implemented a salary cap for all executives. He cut his own salary to $1 annually in 2006, and forgoes stock options and bonuses. He continues to work for Whole Foods Market out of a passion to see the business realize the potential for deeper purpose, for the joy of leading a great company, and to answer the call to service he feels in his heart. and

December 18Episode #50 Kathy L Kirk, Creator and Founder of Applied SpiritualityProgram Title: What is Quality?

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Join host, Kathy L Kirk, for a discussion on Quality as individually and collectively we refashion our world and move more deeply into the Awakening of Humanity. Robert Persig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila says, “ Quality is right in front of everyone’s nose all the time. Some see it, some don’t, but once one sees that Quality clearly and takes it as a guide for his whole life, then he becomes an artist, a real artist, regardless of what he happens to be doing at the moment.” The concept of Value or Quality are ideas in modern western culture that are very often confused with price tags. How can something of Value or Quality have value if it doesn’t have a lofty price attached to it? Yet we know Quality when we are in the presence of it. It is dynamic, rather than static. It has no rules, boundaries or confines in when, where or how it is expressed be it in art, music, literature, the design of a bridge or a sunset. We feel Quality and are uplifted by it. The concept of Quality comes into play as we move into a New Era of Humanity. Certainly what we want to create next is of lasting, Universal Value to us all, to every living thing on the planet and the Earth. Please join me for an important topic and I’m sure a few ‘stray thoughts’ on what’s next for Humanity. Guest Bio: Kathy Kirk has led an extraordinary life becoming a “consciousness bridge”. In every activity, Kathy’s focus is observing the Human Spirit: its interface in the body and application and effect in the individual Life to understand how it is that we naturally create our reality on earth to help all people live life to the fullest. Kathy is the Creator and Founder of Applied Spirituality which evolved from research, observation, Kathy’s life experiences and solitary contemplation. Applied Spirituality explains consciousness as cause of every effect; basis of all Life.  With science background, Kathy studied religions, spiritual teachers and observed life outcomes looking for an explanation that included everything under the sun and which could be applied by all. Kathy has innately felt that Life which enlivens everything on Earth is the sole Standard of Good, Beauty, Quality and Value, and is contained inherently within every living thing.

December 25 Episode # 51 – Carla Rueckert & Jim McCarty Program Title: The Law of One:
RA Channelings Q&A with Carla Rueckert & Jim McCarty


Join us for a rare interview and Q&A with Carla Rueckert & Jim McCarty, two of the original team to channel RA – the Law of One Teachings from the 1970’s as 75,000 years of human evolution of mind, body, and spirit on Earth is about to produce its fruit.Ra from the density of unity sees all activities as “the Creator knowing Itself”. Ra says, “In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time. This distortion is not necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things. You are not speaking of similar or somewhat like entities or things. You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light; light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.” Guests Bios Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty are the two remaining founders of the non-profit organization, L/L Research. Their mission is to discover & share information which may be of benefit to the spiritual evolution of humankind. Through their archive website,, they share virtually all of their life’s work for free, including over 1,500 channeling transcripts and 11 publications. L/L Research was formed in 1970 as a partnership between Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert. Carla has served as the primary vocal channel since 1974, and was the instrument of the Ra Contact, 106 Q&A sessions with Ra that would span four years and produce the five volumes known as the Law of One books. Carla co-authored Secrets of the UFO and The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater with her research partner, Don Elkins. Carla presently lives in Louisville, KY with her husband, Jim. Carla’s other books include A Channeling Handbook, A Wanderer’s Handbook, A Book of Days, and Living the Law of One 101.

January 1, 2013 Episode #52 Channel Lee Harris
Program Title: 2013: Year of Community: Navigating The Energies of Change

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Join loving and eloquent channel, Lee Harris and host, Kathy Kirk for a conversation about navigating the energies of change in 2013 to assist you in a joyous year of increasing your self mastery. Lee delivers his 2013 Forecast for The New Year guided by Zachary, Zapharia and Ziadora – representatives of a nonphysical group of 88 whose mission it is to assist mankind and planet Earth in raising into 4th Dimensional Consciousness. The personal work of raising individual consciousness from fear to love continues; but it will be best accomplished by working in community with each other. Since humans are creating their existence in every moment, this year will require individuals to take action and be the change they wish to see manifested in the world. Old ways of blame and judgment are to be released; and we are to be mindful of the Quality of our focus. We have much to look forward to; and much work yet to do, all with much Love and Support from nonphysical. Guest Bio Lee Harris, a spiritual and self-development explorer began his journey as a channeler in 1998 when he first heard the voice of ‘Zachary’ who explained that he was part of a collective of 88 spirit guides. In the following years Lee had daily conversations with the Zachary collective. In 2007 Zapharia and Ziadora stepped forward  to join Zachary as the 3 public spokespeople for the collective. Lee’s book, Energy Speaks, was released in July; and Lee moved from the UK to America in August.  For the past 8 years, he has worked with over 2000 people worldwide in personal sessions, led seminars and retreats in 10 different countries, delivered online video broadcasts and hosted 2 spiritual radio shows. Writings are a significant component of his work and his monthly energy forecasts which highlight the energetic opportunities and challenges for each month have become a staple of his offerings for free at

Episode #53 – January 8, 2013 Howard Martin, Co-Founder HeartMath Program Title: Heart-based Living: The Heart and Mental Health

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Increased violent events in America coupled with increased use of psychotropic drugs, we open a new discussion of mental health with HeartMath’s Co-Founder, Howard Martin. The heart is a crucial part of our intelligence system crucial for the individual to develop heart-based living. The heart, a dynamic, creative intelligence encompassing physical, emotional, intuitive & energetic/spiritual aspects is essential for providing discernment/guidance to navigate life and experience fulfillment. Bringing these aspects into coherent alignment leads to a new way of perceiving, acting, re-acting, and relating which is called, Heart-Based Living. HeartMath has researched the power of the heart developing a system for personal/organizational development including techniques, tools & technologies – all underpinned by breakthrough scientific research on heart-brain communication and the benefits of positive emotions associated with “heart” to improve overall well-being. Guest Bio Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, HeartMath LLC Author, Business Executive, Speaker, Trainer & Musician Howard Martin, one of the original leaders who founded Heartmath with Doc Childre in 1991, co-authored The HeartMath Solution and has been with HeartMath’s world-wide training and consulting team since inception. He has been instrumental in business development and delivering HeartMath’s practical, dynamic programs to thousands of participants world-wide. A member of Transformational Leadership Counsel, founded by author Jack Canfield made up of leaders in the fields of personal, organizational and social transformation. He is a member of Evolutionary Leaders founded by Depak Chopra focusing on the field of conscious evolution.. In 2008 he played a key role in launching the Global Coherence Initiative and serves as a Steering Committee member for this science based project created to unite all peoples in heart-focused care and intention to shift global consciousness.  

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