Applied Spirituality™ is a worldview, a cosmology, and becomes a personal practical practice. It naturally includes everyone and everything not just on Earth but the Universe, as well. It doesn’t require that you ‘give up’ what you know or believe, just that you expand yourself to include More. In short, it explains how it works here on Earth within you.

What exactly is Applied Spirituality?

Applied Spirituality can be considered a science, art, discipline, philosophy and a practice.  The basis of Applied Spirituality is the that Something created all life, including humans.  You may refer to this ‘Something’ as God, Creator, Life, the Universe, Source Energy or by any number of different names.  We refer to it as the Creative Principle of the Universe or CPU for short. Given that, all roads lead Home to Source. 

Each human has an inherent and natural connection with the CPU that enlivens, guides, inspires and informs purpose or meaning to life. Your Godchip or CPU is the opportunity for your fulfilled life. This nonphysical spiritual (energy) connection comprises 96% of who we are; the other 4% is our physical body/mind.

Applied Spirituality reminds you how to recognize your internal guidance from your CPU within your human, physical body.  It assists you to remember Who You Really Are so that you may uncover your Real authentic life and the path that would bring you your greatest joy, happiness and fulfillment.  Applied Spirituality then teaches you how to focus  your mind in order to intentionally create the life adventure you want.

How is Applied Spirituality different from the other self help books, spirituality web sites, life coaches, and classes promising a meaningful life?

Two words – natural and simple.  Natural because you are a natural creature of this world and Universe. You weren’t forgotten any more than the trees or wild creatures were ‘left out’ of the plan of Well Being. Simple because it gives ‘real world’ exercises and examples of your inclusion in this Well Being that any person can understand and practice.    Not everyone has the time, money or inclination to invest in studying complex or involved spiritual teachings.  Applied Spirituality combines research of countless religions and spiritual teachers with real life observations and science creating a life view and resulting practice that all people can use to navigate life successfully for them.

Who is Applied Spirituality for?

Religious or not, spiritual or not, scientific or not, novice or master; Applied Spirituality is for all people.  It is a complete practice which supports a lifetime of adventures and will see you successfully through all stages and challenges of life.  Get Started >

Will learning Applied Spirituality be time consuming or expensive?

Applied Spirituality is meant to be a simple, natural process and practice.  When you are committed to you, you take the time to learn and practice Applied Spirituality, because you finally understand that from you everything else flows.   You practice it in every moment.

The materials were developed to be affordable for all people!  For example, the starter book is a very quick read, available in print, and MP3 eBook formats. Prices ranges between $9-11. You can get started very easily. Get Started >

Can Applied Spirituality help me?

Yes, of course you! Applied Spirituality has helped countless people in different stages of life and facing different challenges. From teens in rehab to single parents and baby-boomers and elder,\; from every race, creed and religious background; from the person that is happy with their life but looking to improve it, to the person that isn’t happy with their life and desiring change.

Do any of these sound like your situation?

  • You feel that your life isn’t going anywhere
  • You feel like something is missing in your life
  • You feel like you’ve lost yourself
  • You put everyone first and can’t find time for yourself
  • Religion isn’t helping you or you feel you need something more
  • You have relationship problems
  • You can’t find your soul mate
  • You are stuck in a dead end job
  • You are not doing a job that you love
  • You have money ‘issues’
  • You have health or weight problems
  • You are not happy with your body
  • You just don’t feel well
  • You feel lonely
  • You are depressed. 
  • You’ve been ‘diagnosed’ with something or as something
  • You are anxious, afraid or scared
  • You have parenting struggles
  • You have substance abuse challenges (legal or otherwise)

Applied Spirituality helps all people transform their lives into what they really want. Learn More> or  Get Started>

How do I learn more or get started?

The journey of your Life is supposed to be fun; and there is nothing more important to us than your enjoying your personal journey every step of the way.  Happy, fulfilled people create beautiful things!  Happy, fulfilled people change the world for the Good!
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