You need a Life Coach… if you’re committed to changing your life for the Good.

You can become a Master at Creating the life you want deliberately and intentionally

but only with consistent practice, application and focus of natural Universal Laws

including The Law of Attraction and the Principles of Applied Spirituality™

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“My old way of thinking would have said that it was just by chance Kathy Kirk and I met.  In my new-found awareness, I know she appeared to me because I asked for help after a life-changing event. I was trying to find my way in this different view of life. I was confused and scared, but beginning to see the beauty in everyday life. I needed help and guidance for I was so unsure how to tap into this new, higher realm of consciousness. Most people did not understand what I was experiencing. Little did I realize that my prayers for help, guidance, understanding and answers would produce such a great person entering my life. I now know, nothing is by chance. I asked; and it was answered in Kathy.

It is very deep yet, very simple. Having someone share in your excitement or sort through the ups and downs and help you heal your

spirit (from the inside out ) is an amazing and beautiful experience. Kathy has coached me to listen to my inner voice; how to use my feelings and interpret my body signals as they are my Inner Guidance. I guess it has always been there, but with modern society telling us how to act, feel and perform, it does not make for easy access to know yourself inside.

I can see the beauty in life now even though it is like a roller coaster ride with unexpected twists & turns. Sometimes I find myself still holding on for dear life, but more and more I am learning to let go and just enjoy the fun trusting in Well Being.

Wow!Now I am amazed at all I missed going through the day-to day-grind of modern life unaware. I now know that each unexpected thing is so full of information if you use your feelings which are  giving you subtle directions, if we are aware. Life’s possibilities are unlimited. It is all in your perspective and the thoughts/words that frame your life.

Kathy has become that person in my life to help me make sense of it. She listens with excitement and finds great ways to explain it in a

new light. I always feel so much better after our conversations or just reading the wisdom she shares. It still amazes me!

Her caring and insight are so profound. She truly cares about you. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her wisdom,  insight, heart and soul in reaching out to all life with goodness, positive words, comfort and a new way of understanding to see the grand scheme of life and the unlimited power and potential which is inherent in all. Continue your true passion with workshops, books, and shared media. You are truly what this world needs. I am glad to part of the shift where we learn to be aware and utilize our connection with Source consciously and deliberately.  God created everything, and what He made was Good. It’s all good….and we are a natural, powerful part of it when we learn to plug in! How great is that!   You truly are a ray of light in a misty awakening.” –  Catherine Dittebrand – Brunswick, Ohio

Benefits of Weekly Life Transformational Coaching

  • Benefit: By personal one-on-one coaching on your real life situations/issues
  • Benefit: By listening to others being coached on their real life issues
  • Benefit: From the Synergy of a group of like-minded people all rooting for you to succeed
  • Benefit: Weekly, learning the nuances of the Law of Attraction, then applying and practicing them consistently during your real life
  • Benefit: Learn from a coach with over 25 years experience
  • Benefit: Gain personal power through Self Mastery with consistent weekly focus that maintains, sustains and raises your vibration

Wouldn’t you love to have a place to learn how to master yourself?  Well, now you do! No excuses…

    • Weekly Live, Interactive 2-hour group life-coaching sessions

    • Ongoing every Sunday Evening 6-8 pm EST via teleconference call. Listen anywhere you are!

    • mp3 download available the next day if you miss a session

    • private members forum

    • safe, confidential, effective

    • all members in the same household are included

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  3. 6 month subscription $300 ($12.50 wk or $50.00 mo ) save $120 off mo subscription price
  4. 12 month subscription $520 ($10.00 wk or $43.00mo) save $200 off mo subscription price

Monthly Coaching Subscription

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