live christmas everyday: it’s sustainable

The Holidays allow us to hope for More and Better in ourselves and in the world and give us an excuse to open our hearts which has an expansive effect on our minds. The feelings of Love, hope, joy and appreciation change our minds allowing us a glimpse into a higher perspective – at least for a short time. The object is to sustain those feeling the other 364 days of the year.

giving Thanks: every moment

It’s Thanksgiving week. It pleases me that here in America (and Canada) that we actually have a national holiday put aside to give thanks. Although for the life of me, I dearly wish they’d cooked something other than turkey. Personal preferences aside, we honor that the attitude or vibration of appreciation and gratitude is part and parcel of a happy life.


The day has arrived – a day every Light Being has long awaited on Earth; indeed every suffering heart has yearned and longed for. The 11:11.11 portal of Source Energy has opened onto planet earth making higher frequencies of Light and Love now available to each of us. Now though the processes of time, space and evolution we are able to remember that we are beings of Light and Love in a human format on Earth.

finding community: you don’t have to be alone

I was watching the movie, The Beaver, with Mel Gibson and Jodi Foster. If you haven’t seen it, do. This is not going to be a film review. It was simply the catalyst for my epiphany…which didn’t come until the very last part of the movie with the phrase, “You don’t have to be alone.”

lesson from Steve Jobs

It really doesn’t matter what you’re up to creating in this world…a business, a family, a new idea….a gorgeous life…whatever it is, take Jobs’ words of wisdom and apply them into your life right now. Don’t give a rip what others have to say about your passion. Follow your heart where the Love is.

eliminate “is”; improve possibility thinking

Recently I began a program of brain muscle exercises. The point? To start using the incredible power of my brain by focusing consciously in more effective ways, of course. Just like doing curls to build the biceps, we can do exercises to build the brain for greater skill, flexibility and possibility thinking.

trusting your gut

Recently in working with my private coaching clients I have noticed that the primary work is getting folks to feel. Seems the campaign over the years has been to NOT FEEL – especially negative emotion. This is counter productive. You see if you devise ways to cut off feeling the negative emotions, you simultaneously cut off feeling the positive ones, too. Even worse, you’re cutting off access to your own Wisdom – your Inner Guidance System. You can’t trust your gut if you can’t feel it’s guidance.

the physics of consciousness: Nassim Haramein’s theories

I used to think Everything would all be explained by virtue of string theory. I now know that the answers are in fractals. Thank heaven for this Light Being, Nassim Haramein, who is following his own Internal Guidance. Maybe he’s Einstein come back to tweak his Theory of Relativity and finish what he started at the beginning of the 1900’s with an updated Unified Theory of Everything by proving we are a mathematical equation and not the dogma we’ve thought. And the Truth shall set you free!

relaxing into well being (a story, part 1)

Letting go of human mind is directly proportional to one’s ability to relax and Trust in Well Being. Life transformation is simple; I never said it was easy. If you, like me, have been working, working, working at having the life you want and find yourself exactly where you’ve always been, then it’s not that the Universe isn’t answering you, because it is. It is simply that we keep creating the same conditions over and over again like n the movie, Groundhog Day. Conclusion: there’s a persistent belief in the black box of human mind that dis-allows your relaxing into Well Being so you can realize what you want. Allow me to share my story with you.

ancient wisdom; modern ignorance

Every time we kill a snake; smash an ant, or remove the autumn leaves without regard to the natural process, we interrupt the balance of Well Being. But Well Being, the Natural Order of things will prevail no matter what we do. We, as a species, will simply be burped off the planet unless we grow and change in harmony with Universal Laws.The Earth will continue; it is the failed species that will disappear unless we adapt.