Q. What is Applied Spirituality?
A. Applied Spirituality is a first hand/experiential expanded Aware mindse;t and a moment to moment practice.

Q. How is Applied Spirituality different than other spiritual practices?
A. Applied Spirituality sees the process of Life and each human within it as Natural.

Q. Who developed it and why?
A. Applied Spirituality was developed by Kathy Kirk out of her own desire to understand how to have the life experience that she desired. When she realized that she could not control people and events external to herself, she focused on the possibility that what she could deliberately control her internal state and therefore have her desired experiences.

Q. What will Applied Spirituality do for me?
A. When you understand how the nonphysical world interfaces within you, then you can intentionally change your internal state to attract to you only those people and circumstances that you want to experience in your life.

Q. How will Applied Spirituality affect my life?
A. Applied Spirituality can only have a positive effect on your life. You will experience more joy, more happiness, and a feeling of empowerment unlike what you have ever experienced before. You will know that truly anything is possible.

Q. I’m a scientist and essentially an atheist, at best an agnostic. Does Applied Spirituality have anything to offer me?
A. Absolutely. Whether you believe in God or not, there are Natural laws that operate and govern everything here on earth. Knowing these laws and how to use them deliberately frees you to create the life events you desire. Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive as most think; rather by shifting the word ‘spirit’ to Energy an entire New Perspective Emerges to how it all works not just here on Earth, but in the Universe. These shifts then shift how you see medicine, economics, governmental structures – illuminating infinite possibilities for a Conscious World.

Q. Is Applied Spirituality a religion?
A. No. Religion and spirituality are quite different, but often confused as the same thing. Religion is a set of human-conceived ideas and doctrines practiced in a public setting of a community of people who believe similar things.  Spirituality is the most intimate, private and personal relationship between you and your Spirit, your nonphysical Self. Master is learning to manager the flow and focus of your Energy in your body/mind Unit.

Q. Who practices Applied Spirituality?
A. Everyone practices Applied Spirituality all the time whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Amish, atheist or agnostic.  The difference is Conscious Awareness which gives rise to deliberate and intentional direction of focus of Source Energy, your nonphysical Self.

Q. Can I be religious and practice Applied Spirituality?
A. Absolutely, although as you expand your consciousness, you may find that religious practices are no longer necessary and that you now have a choice to be involved in a religion or not. Religion becomes more of a social nature rather than your primary means of fulfillment.

Q. How do I learn and practice Applied Spirituality?
A. One doesn’t “learn” Applied Spirituality, one remembers it. You remember by practicing it. You already know all of this, but simply have forgotten your innate, natural connection to Source through years of being humanized on planet earth. Through reading Kathy’s books and doing the online courses you begin to remember Who You Are, how to focus your Source Energy and correctly interpret your Internal Guidance for the intentional outcomes you personally desire. The practice of Applied Spirituality is done in every moment by following your own Internal Guidance System, your Connection with Source here on Earth. Gradually you return to the state of knowing yourself as Conscious Awareness.

Q. Where do I start with Applied Spirituality?
A. Go to the Getting Started Page and follow the steps. It’s easy.

Q. Where can I find Applied Spirituality works published?
A. Kathy’s two books are available purchase both books on this website as well as Amazon.com and www.amazon.co.uk. Both books are available in PDF ebook format, print book format, and audio book format.

Q. What are the online courses?
A. Attached to each book is a full online, interactive course to deepen and personalize the information to you. Each chapter has expanded information in terms of video, images, additional resources and text as well as exercises for you to apply the message and use it in your every day life. The online courses are accessed through this website online which you can do at any public library.

Q. Does Kathy speak on Applied Spirituality?
A. Yes.  Visit the speaking page for more information and contact her to learn more about how she can help your organization.

Q. I have questions, can I talk to Kathy?
A. Certainly. You can contact Kathy by using the contact form in this website. If you are taking the online courses, you can post a question to Kathy on the Books Forum. You can also contact Kathy through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Q. Does Kathy do individual, private coaching?
A. Yes. Kathy conducts group coaching calls once a week.  To inquire about individual coaching, contact Kathy using the contact form.