Applied Spirituality was created for all people to learn how to make the most of his/her own life.   Religious or not, spiritual or not, scientific or not, novice or master; Applied Spirituality is for all people.  It is a complete practice which supports a lifetime of adventures and will see you successfully through all stages and challenges. You don’t have to give up your religion, your beliefs or your God.

What exactly is Applied Spirituality?

Applied Spirituality can be considered a science, art, discipline and a practice.  The basis of Applied Spirituality is the fact that Something created all life, including humans.  You may refer to this ‘something’ as God, Creator, Life, the Universe, Source Energy or by any number of different names.  We refer to it as the Creative Principle of the Universe or CPU for short.

Each human has an inherent and natural connection with the CPU that enlivens, guides, and provides inspiration and purpose or meaning to life. Your Godchip or CPU is the opportunity for a fulfilled life. This nonphysical spiritual connection comprises 96% of who we are; the other 4% is our physical, material body.

Applied Spirituality reminds you how to recognize your internal guidance from the CPU within your human, physical body here on earth.  It assists you to learn or remember Who You Really Are so that you may uncover your real authentic life and the path that would bring you your greatest joy, happiness and fulfillment.  Applied Spirituality then teaches you how focus in order to intentionally create the life adventure you want.

The Applied Spirituality Creation Story

I’m Kathy Kirk, an extraordinary, ordinary person just like you. I wandered around on planet earth pretty much doing life the way I was taught for the first 33 years of my life. Then, like Wylie Coyote, I hit the wall and my life fell apart. All of it. Dazed and confused, I felt at a loss as to how to create the life that I wanted. I had done everything ‘they’ told me to do; I followed all the rules, but it wasn’t enough. It didn’t work. It all seemed a big lie and vastly disappointing. I was angry, scared and felt utterly powerless. “Now what,” I thought. “Now what? What do I do? How?”

With nothing to lose, I set out to find out Who I Really Am and the Truth about Life: How does it work? And what is my place within it?

•    I wanted to know – needed to know – how I could be powerful in my own life?
•    I wanted to be able to get to the end of my life and be able to say to myself, “Well done!”.
•    I wanted to feel that I had led a life that felt satisfying and fulfilling to me.
•    I wanted a life where I had done and experienced all the things that mattered to me.
•    I needed to know that at the end of my days here on Earth that I had done my life well,
•    and that I had done it fearlessly.

It seemed the one thing I knew to be true at that moment was: I couldn’t control anything or anyone external to myself – other people, the government, my employer or the economy. Then the thought occurred to me, if I couldn’t control ‘them’, then perhaps, the power and control I was looking for was within me. What a thought! So, I ran with it.

It was equally important to me to find a way to have the life of happiness that I wanted without becoming slick, manipulative, or deceitful. I wasn’t capable of it, for one; and I was sick of experiencing it in the world. My options appeared to be either I remained a victim or I became a shark. Neither way was acceptable. There had to be more to it; there had to be at least one other way to be in the world where I would be effective, masterful, kind, loving and without a hidden agenda yet abundant, happy and fearless.  I had to live my authentic, truthful and powerful life.

So I set about finding that other way. For 15 years I studied and read religious and spiritual texts, self-help gurus, myriad spiritual paths and attended countless seminars. I spent lots of time and money in pursuit of the Truth, until one day I’d had enough of the searching and seeking. I was done looking ‘out there’. I was done chasing it.

I realized that just like before when I’d listened to ‘them’ on how to be successful in the world, I was now doing the same thing, only this time with a different ‘them’. This time it was all the spiritual leaders, religious teachings and self-help gurus. I was still giving my power and authority over to ‘them’ – others.
On that day I vowed that I would become the authority of my life and that I would come to know the Truth of existence for myself. I stopped listening without and began listening within.

That was the turning point. From that day on I was no longer learning, but instead, found myself remembering Who I Really Am and living my daily life directed from my Self, listening to my own drummer and following my own Internal Guidance. I learned to Trust MySelf over and above anything or anyone else. That was Independence Day. That was my True Freedom.

Over the next 10 years I developed this body of work which I call Applied Spirituality. Applied Spirituality vests all power and authority back into You, where it always has been lying dormant, untapped but awaiting your return ‘Home’ to yourSelf.

Since I have a science background, everything I explored was subject to the scientific method and skepticism. It had to work on Earth. It had to be practical and useful and produce actual results in my Earthly life. First something was a hypothesis, then it became a working theory, then it graduated to a belief, and finally it meshed with my knowing. Only then, could I teach it or offer it to others. I had to prove It to me, first.
•    I had to feel truly safe and confidant within myself
•    I had to see the physical world responding to me in positive and useful ways
•    I had be experiencing the good stuff in life
•    I had to see that what I imagined and dreamed was actually manifesting in the physical world for me
•    I had to feel happy and actually be enjoying the moments of life

Applied Spirituality is all of those things and more.  It will show you how to make the changes in your life using yourSelf as the guide.

This is a time of great change, but the opportunity for the greatest change on Earth lies within each individual, the billions of ordinary men and women like yourself, John and Jane Doe.

•    ‘They’ don’t have the answers to your life; but You do.
•    ‘They’ are not your security or safety; but You are
•    ‘They’ do not hold the power for your happy, abundant and fulfilled life;
•    but You Do.

Applied Spirituality is for all people to improve and enjoy their lives.  Visit getting started now to find out how you can live the life that you have always wanted.