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Ascension IX: Little Insanities – Revisit the Original Premise


  “To recognize one’s own insanity is, of course, the arising of sanity, the beginning of healing and transcendence.” ~ Eckhart Tolle Live and Learn! I learned something today as I was waiting for Dad to come out of the VA. There was a man sitting in his van with his engine idling. Ever since I returned […]

The Divine Confluence: Easter, Passover, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Grand Cross

Rarely do we see such a stunning confluence ( from Latin confluere ‘flow together’) of events on Earth: Easter, Spring, Renewal, Passover, the Grand Cross, the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is divine energy confluence courtesy of the natural world, we have old energies colliding with the New Energies for the purpose of illuminating where we are still clinging to the […]

The Ascension Process VII: The Perfect Storm: My Human Ego Mind, My Spiritual Blueprint & The Global Ascension of Mankind

Day one of my new marching orders from Self. If you missed the missive from Nonphysical, you can read the channeled instructions in Ascension Part VI. I took my first opportunity and held a ‘Round Table’ in the bathtub that night. By this I mean I called in all my Nonphysical team and all my subconscious […]

Ascension Process Pt VI: My Financial Crisis My Spiritual Journey


Ascension Part VI I’ve hit a wall. A wall that appears to me to be so tall and long and wide that I am uncertain if I can climb it, go around it, leap over it, dispel it or … what. This wall is in the flavor of a ‘financial crisis’. It has long been […]

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Serbian Kolach

Lately I’ve been visiting the Valley of the Shadows which is to say my human ego mind has been seriously exploring the dark side of things and wanting me to be completely involved in its adventure. Funny thing, however, there’s an increasing amount of Awareness/I AM Presence which is now enabling me to keep one […]

The Ascension Process in the 21st Century Mind (Part 5)


Seeing where you’re stuck or where you aren’t loving unconditionally is brutal. The fact of my holding on to old thought forms of lack and limitation hit me between the eyes this week as I was preparing for the 2nd Free Teleconference Call for The Course: Love YourSelf Unconditionally. Somehow I found myself reading a […]

The Ascension Process in the 21st Century Mind (Part 4)


There were physical manifestations as well…  If every movement of consciousness is reflected back to us in the physical world, I expected to see movement in my physical world circumstances. These physical world manifestations would illustrate back to me what human ego mind I had successfully released and what still remained to be cleared out […]

The Ascension Process in the 21st Century Mind (Part 3)

The Content of Human Mind Progression via the Ascension Process. Copyright 2013 Applied Spirituality. All Rights Reserved.

Whilst all the parts of me were lined up for their reunification process, ‘real’ life continued, of course. There were duties, obligations, and responsibilities to attend to in the ‘real’ world. I had a business to run, bills to pay and some of these parts manifested as physical symptoms. Obviously those physically painful ‘parts’ got […]

The Ascension Process in the 21st Century Mind (Part 2)

Photo Courtesy of Our Honor Defend with much appreciation.

It appeared that I was confronted with the ‘rational’ human ego mind’s idea that I was to make my ego the enemy. Out Out Damn Spot! Yet, intuitively, I knew this ‘either/or’ attitude was my ‘rational human ego mind speaking. It was the old default response to make bad and wrong something that appeared to […]

The Ascension Process in the 21st Century Mind (Part 1)


I’ve been absent from blogging for 11 months. The reason being is that it has been difficult to articulate the ascension process whilst in the midst of it. So much goes on internally and comes through this one unit (body/mind) that I have so long known and previously identified as ‘me’. For the better part of […]