10 Minutes; 12 Weeks to A New View of Life and Yourself
(A Course in Self Esteem)


Over the course of 12 weeks (one lesson per week) you will receive:

the links to an mp3 download to listen to the 10 Minute Message

the link to the PDF transcript for the lesson and homework assignment

During the week you do the homework assignments applying the message to your “real life” in the privacy of your own home.


  • Week #1 Choosing You: Making A Commitment to You

  • Week #2 Free Will Choice: Your Sovereign Realm

  • Week #3 Who You Really Are

  • Week #4 The Myths of Your Human Mind

  • Week #5 You Are Good Enough Part 1 (Who Says?)

  • Week #6 You Are Good Enough Part 2 (You Are a Treasure)

  • Week #7 You Are Good Enough Part 3 (Be Who You Are)

  • Week #8 You Are Good Enough Part 4 (Dealing with Internal Changes)

  • Week #9 Sufficiency vs Fullness (Never Settle for Less)

  • Week #10 You Have Nothing to Fear

  • Week #11 Your Relationship with YourSelf (Your Most Important Relationship)

  • Week #12 Practicing Self Appreciation Everyday

You will need a fresh notebook.
You will need to provide a time alone each day to devote to the homework assignments that are outlined at the end of each message.
You are welcome to e-mail me at coach@appliedspirituality.com with questions. I will answer you personally.

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